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‚‚The flori baby bottles are a useful invention for newborns and especially for babies in the post-breastfeeding phase. The usage is very easy to learn and the proper dosage of milk powder delivered is ensured at all times. The professional opinion of this medical specialist is that flori baby bottles are highly recommended.‘‘



‚‚With a baby bottle such as the flori baby bottle, mothers and grandmothers have long awaited a baby bottle with such ease of use. It provides less dependence and saves time.‘‘



‚,From a pharmaceutical perspective, bottle-feedings should always be freshly prepared to ensure freshness and sterility. With the new flori baby bottle, this is a guarantee in the daily routine of parent and baby without much effort.‘‘

Why, the innovative Happy & Fresh System?


Freshly prepared

The Happy & Fresh closure system makes it possible to store food powder and liquids separately. Thus, the food in the Happy & Fresh bottle can be prepared at any time quickly and easily.


The food powder is filled into the Happy & Fresh screw-on component and remains in the closed system. Thus, the emergence of dangerous germs and bacteria is prevented.

Travel Friendly, TSA Compliant

The Happy & Fresh System enables you to take your baby’s milk readily prepared for quick usage out and about. It allows you to prepare your baby’s milk, at any given time and place, quickly. Twist! Mix! Feed!

Anti-Colic System

The special, very sensitive anti-colic vent in the flori bottle-nipple ensures an optimal air exchange and thus allows air into the bottle instead of your baby’s tummy. The drinking flow is uniform and can be controlled similar to breastfeeding your baby.


The Happy & Fresh System is especially useful at night time – take the readily prepared Happy & Fresh bottle to your bedside and avoid any fuss. When the milk is needed just: Twist! Mix! Feed!

No Mess, No Waste

Which parent doesn’t struggle with the endless bits and bobs in their bags! Thanks to the Happy & Fresh System these struggles are now over! The food powder can be measured for need and transported within the flori baby bottle. No extra containers needed!

Easy to Use

The Happy & Fresh System is very easy to use – just fill the milk powder into the Happy & Fresh device and transport it in the same bottle as your liquids. A simple twist is enough to release the powder into the water.

BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical which scientists claim to be hazardous for our and especially our babies health. This is why we recommend the usage of solely BPA-free baby bottles. Your baby’s health is our priority!

Since 60 Years

Our baby bottle is 100% made in Germany and produced with more than 60 years of professional production experience. We believe that it is our duty to work sustainably and efficiently with the resources given to us as this helps to protect our planet.

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